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What in the World? Today's News!



President Obama inhaled and isn't shy about it. His "evolving" stance on marijuana legalization, as outlined in a recent interview.

Welcome back, Governor—here's a subpoena! Republican NJ Gov. Chris Christie was sworn in yesterday, amid the lane-closure scandal at the George Washington Bridge.

Ukrainian anti-government protests turn violent. The protests stem from President Viktor Yanukovych's November decision to reduce ties to the European Union and instead sidle up to Russia as a way to ease Ukraine's economic woes.

Snowden: "(I) acted alone." Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden denounces allegations that he was working with or for Russia.

Health reform: is it working? Almost a month in and still doubts plague the Affordable Care Act.


*Prep for the Super Bowl—go SeaBirds!:

*Before you judge, keep in mind the 25-year-old Richard Sherman came from Compton, graduated from Stanford and is now one of the best corners in the league. The trash talk? We expect players to brutalize each other for four quarters and then mask their emotions? Right. Bring it, Sherman. We need your tireless defense and boundless energy against Manning's Broncos.

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