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Woman pointing into the Grand Canyon from a high cliff, snow on ground.

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It's another Central Oregon (spring?) morning. So, why not read something interesting while sipping on that fair-trade coffee?


RSD14 Assessment: Wading through all the releases from RSD14 is going to take a bit of time. So, here's some help from a gentleman who writes for Pitchfork, among other esteemed outlets. (via Doom & Gloom)

Affirmative Action: The Supreme Court's decided a Michigan ban on public universities basing admissions on an applicant's "race, gender, ethnicity or national origin" is constitutional. Preferential treatment or a leveling of the playing field? (via Politico)

Streaming TV: In other high court news, a case involving network TV stations and a company called Aero, which allows subscribers to stream shows to mobile devices, is set for a decision. There's obviously a copyright issue here, but the ruling could wind up impacting a range of other technologies. Really, though, we all just want to watch "Parks and Recreation" on a phone. (via Poynter)

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