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What is Romantic Love?



Lilli Ann Linford-Foreman

55, Professor of Theatre and Communication at COCC

"This reminds me of a former Supreme Court Justice's definition of pornography. I can't define it. I know it when I feel it."

Bri Rain

24, student

"Romantic love is butterflies in your stomach. My parents once told me it's like cocaine. It feels great but can't last forever. It takes time to build true love."

Jason Graham- AKA: MOsley WOtta

32, artist

"Romantic love connotes a consideration for what brings someone else joy. It includes empathy and selflessness, like folded laundry is foreplay. YAY BOI!!!!"

Sara Lawhead

26, barista

"Romantic love is the type of love that when it goes south at least you know you can get another cat."

Brad Ruder

29, event supervisor

"There is no definition for romantic love. It's a feeling, a connection, a bond that two people have that no one else knows or could understand. And along those lines... anything and everything can be romantic."

Sandy Silver

78, stage director

"Knowing that you will always be safe. Feeling complete. Finding someone whose hand you want to hold. When you look into their eyes and see your future."

Sean Samuel Kelly

36, pet shop worker

"I think it's best defined by what Uma Thurman says in "Pulp Fiction" at the dinner table with Vincent. When you find somebody that you can just shut the hell up with and exist together in the same time and space. when you can just be together and couldn't care less about the rest of the world."

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