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Whatcha Doing, Candidate? Richard Robertson for City Council Pos. 6


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Source Weekly: What is your age, occupation and political affiliation?
Richard Robertson: I am 39, I work at Abilitree. They outsource work for people with disabilites. I am a Democrat.

SW: How long have you lived in Bend?
RR: I have lived in Bend since 1983.

Why do you want to be a City Councilor?
RR: I want to be city councilor so I can uplift the poor and help the people with disabilities have better access to sidewalks.

SW: How many City Council meetings have you attended in the past year?
RR: I haven’t attended any city council meetings.

SW: Have you previously held a public office or participated on a civic committee?
Bend Parks and Rec, ARC Board as a self advocate, Deschutes County Council on Accessibility, Communications Representative for COTP (Central Oregon Transition Plus), BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theater).

SW: Names three things you hope you change if elected.
RR: I would like the city to fix the sidewalks for handicap access. I would like to uplift the poor and have more affordable housing. I would like to see taxpayers money well spent, so they get more bang for their buck.

SW: What’s your take on Mirror Pond, the UGB and vacation rentals?
RR: I would like to keep Mirror Pond the same, since it is one of the centerpieces of Bend. I am unfamiliar with UGB and I would like to see more vacation rentals, to bring more economy to Bend.

SW: Why are you the best person for the job?
RR: I am the best person for the job because I have been a part of the community since 1983. I know a lot of people, and I can represent those who are commonly not heard or ignored.

SW: What’s the best and worst thing about Bend?
RR: The best thing about Bend is the nice, friendly and generous people who live here. They help make this the best community in the country. The worst thing in Bend is the progress on fixing our sidewalks for handicapped people to have better access to buildings.

SW: What’s your favorite band/musician?
RR: [No answer]

SW: What "Simpsons" character do you most identify with?
RR: I don’t watch Simpsons too much, but I would have to say Mr. Burns. Just kidding, I like Barney on the episode when he was sober. He seemed very kind. 

Richard Robertson is running against Lisa Seales, Ron Boozell, and Casey Roats.

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