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What’s 25 Years When You’re 94?!

The Source’s longest-running contributor looks back on “Natural World”


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Holy Cats—25 years is a long time when you’re enjoying yourself!

If my memory serves me correctly it was that long ago that Source Weekly publisher Aaron Switzer and his dear wife, Angela, asked me if I’d be interested in writing a weekly nature column for a newspaper they had created. Was I? You bet! I believe my stuff appeared in the table of contents as “Nature” when it first began. Today, it runs under “Natural World.” 

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Has it been fun? You better believe it! Not only did doing the nature column give me the opportunity to share the Big Love of my Life—the Nature of the world around me—but also to tell my neighbors how they, too, could see what I was seeing, and why it is so important to keep our world healthy.

Without a doubt, the most fun I have writing for this unique paper and its wonderful crew is the feedback I get from readers. For example, the piece I wrote on the Lined Hummingbird Moth drew responses from all over the country, probably because of the Source’s presence on the web. I’m still receiving emails from people sharing stories about the hummingbird moths in their backyards which I now know live on the East Coast, West Coast and just about all states in between.

Readers ask me questions, share their nature encounters and request bird and bat house plans—I love it!

What I’m hoping for now is that my ancient 94-year-old brain will keep functioning well enough to keep Nicole Vulcan, the current editor of our paper, happy and our readers enjoying my exploration of the Nature of our World.

Thank you, Aaron and good pals!

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