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What's new in Redmond trail riding

In honor of the Redmond Issue, here's an update on the trails in or near Redmond



Volunteers from Central Oregon Trail Alliance are the heroes who keep the local trails maintained—and who also build new trails for riders to enjoy. In honor of the Redmond Issue, here's an update on the trails in or near Redmond, courtesy of Bob Gilbert, COTA's Redmond chapter representative:

Good news! More trails near Redmond. - BOB WICK, BLM
  • Bob Wick, BLM
  • Good news! More trails near Redmond.

"Our current focus is on the new trail system on the north side of Cline Buttes. Starting at the new Cascade View trailhead located just off of Eagle Crest Boulevard our superb volunteers have hand built almost 4 miles of brand-new trail this year. We are actually trying to finish a section of the new trail with a volunteer build day on Oct. 26. Meeting at Cascade View trailhead at 9 am. Visit our website or join our Meetup group for more details.

"At the Radlands our volunteers completed another loop early this spring called the "Duck n Cover" trail. This is a 2-mile-long trail full of progressive (another word for lots of rocks) riding. This new trail on the northern end has plenty of good views along with some juniper tree coverage which can be sparse in that region. 

"A long trail through the Grasslands connecting Madras, Prineville and Grey Butte is being discussed with the Forest Service but is a ways off before any approval is granted."

Cascade View Trails Build Finishing "A" Loop (by Cline Butte)
Sat., Oct. 26. 9am-Noon
Cascade View Trailhead
Eagle Crest Blvd, Redmond
Join COTA's meetup at: meetup.com/COTA-Central-Oregon-Trail-Alliance

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