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Where's My Smears?



Namaste Source Weekly and blissful 2011 to all!

I'm wondering where The Smear Sheet went in your latest issues?? I miss the rants of Brad Lockwood, especially after his column was moved from Up Front to the rear of the paper, and the tone and quality of Up Front dropped rapidly.

He and Mick are missed, bring him back! I found his current columns @ www.AndMagazine.com but I wish it was on paper for me to hold and laugh out loud each week. I don't have a TV so it was the only "Source" of fun and informative sarcasm that I looked forward to each week.

Thanks for the very alternative work. Also, give us more articles on our government. Things have been eerily quiet at City Hall so it makes me nervous.

Love ya,

- Allison Mosten

Editor's note: We miss Brad, too (most days) but the Source tries whenever possible to provide readers with content written by locals for locals. Mr. Lockwood is now residing in New York, or somewhere east of the Mississippi and no longer able to offer our readers a local take. When and if he returns to Bend, we'll find a home for his rants.

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