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Which is Worse?



The media is awash in stories about some Marines who urinated on a pile of dead Afghans. People the world over and our left wing media are enraged. The Commandant of the Marine Corps has stated that when they find these jarheads they are going to swing. Nope, you cannot pee on a dead guy, but apparently it is perfectly fine to kill him first. I ask you, which is worse?

Given the opportunity, I'd opt for the golden shower over a bullet any time. The Afghans would too, if given a chance, but they are dead. Can it be that political correctness cannot make the distinction. Well yes it can. It is typical of the left.

Upon further consideration, I find this bladder-relieving incident beneficial. Doing so made these Marines feel better on several levels. Besides the obvious physical need, it was a morale booster. It was a gutsy in your face kind of thing to do. First, I'll kill ya and then we'll pee on ya, Hoorah!

Being killed is permanent, often painful and the worst thing that can happen to you. There is no recovery. Being urinated upon is temporary, painless, and only embarrassing until you forget about it. Recovery only requires a bit of soap and water.

Why, therefore, is the left making such a big stink about this.

- Haskell Jaynes, Bend

Editor's note: Haskell Jaynes is an alias.The author asked that his real name not be published out of fear of reprisal.

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