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Whitewater Park? Why Yes, That Would be Grand!

More funner and more safer, it's a no brainer!



This is what a whitewater park would look like if voters passed a bond measure that would improve the Colorado Dam Spillway as it passes under the Colorado bridge.

Seems like a good idea. Why just yesterday the authorities plucked another floater from the river as he clung to a beam, inches away from being pushed into the nastiness that is the current spillway. Sure there is an abundance of signage warning floaters of the disaster below the Colorado Bridge, but every damn summer someone, or several someones, make this mistake.

A number of other notable outdoors oriented cities like Denver have benefited economically from these "park and play" whitewater zones. The whitewater park in Golden, Colorado reportedly brings in an estimated $1.4 million per year. Not bad for a park that cost $165,000 to create. 

The Bend whitewater park will be attached to the Parks Dist. bond measure on ballots this November. Say yes to more awesomeness in Bend.

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