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Who's Less American?



I've recently been told that I'm less of an American than you.

This confused me a little at first, but after giving it some hard-working, American thought, I'm inclined to agree with you.

I'm un-American because...

I put honey in my coffee instead of sugar, I wear a moonstone around my neck instead of a cross, I read the news instead of watch it

My physical geographical location on a map happens to be on the left,

My dog doesn't always come when I call him, and I haven't bled for my country.

Are you MORE American...

Because you like your tea served up on a poster,

Your news Foxy, and

No matter what your physical geographical location happens to be...

You're always right?

Well, tie my dog up, ship me back to Texas and call me Glenn, I'm totally un-American! That's right, I'm un-American because I disagree with you, and you're more American because you don't recognize mine as a valid argument.

Who are we?

- Kelley Morris, Bend

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