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Why we should hire Michael Franti to promote tourism in Bend



Many people have probably already seen this video from Michael Franti's website, but for those of you not in the loop, you've got to check this out. After Franti's show at the Les Schwab Amphitheater on August 5 he recorded this short web-isode for his FrantiV series boasting about how awesome Bend is. 

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The internationally acclaimed musician lists off the boat load of activities he participated in before his show in Bend including floating the river on an intertube, riding a tandem bicycle, and playing some hardcore competitive volleyball (coincidentally it was with friends of Source ad rep Ban Tat). Franti goes on to tell the world that they should all visit beautiful Bend, Oregon and flashes the city of Bend website on the screen.

Thanks for the free publicity, Franti! In case you haven't heard, we sure could use it right now. Can we interest you in a McMansion on the river? It's going for one third the price it was five years ago, it's a total steal. Seriously though, we appreciate Franti's kind words and are stoked that he had a great time in our fair city. Come back anytime, and when you do there will be a job waiting for you in the tourism department. 

Also, how cute is that shirtless little kid on the mic talking about tornadoes?

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