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Wild Game and Foraged Finds

Dinner with Hank Shaw celebrates "Buck, Buck, Moose"



If there is any event to be excited about this fall in Bend's culinary scene, this is it. DRAKE is hosting the fifth stop on a nationwide tour promoting James Beard Award-winning author Hank Shaw's third cookbook, "Buck, Buck, Moose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Deer, Elk, Moose, Antelope and Other Antlered Things." The comprehensive read provides a global perspective on each animal from nose to tail.

Game can be difficult to cook; it's different than beef, so generally people fall back on old recipes because they don't want to ruin their meat. Shaw provides readers with more knowledge and techniques and offers tested recipes to experiment with. His website, Honest-Food.net, is an encyclopedia for novice or professional chefs, hunters, fishermen, and foragers, so it's no wonder that he won the JBA Best Food Blog Author in 2013. Hank covers it all, from tips in the field to the tools and methods for preparation, preservation, sausage making and the alchemy of charcuterie. Watch how-to videos on how to pluck a dove or sear a flatfish, and read essays on the importance of timing, the hunter's paradox of loving what they kill and the emotions involved with taking another living being's life. In his podcast, "Hunt Gather Talk," he discusses how to get started as a mushroom hunter, curing whole muscles, herbal medicine and wild beer. His genuine passion for wild food and his uninhibited realness shine through on each page.

After the premiere of his first book, "Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast," Shaw received countless requests to visit readers across the US. In the spirit of leaving nothing on the track, he responded by getting into his pickup and meeting the people on the other end of the email.

Shaw openly shares that, "This is my tour, not one set up by a publisher, and it's on my own dime. It's worth every penny to connect with readers." The Sept. 1 printing of "Buck, Buck, Moose" will commence a grueling six-month schedule for Shaw, with over 50 events through 35 states. It includes non-traditional signings, cooking and butchery demos, as well as presentations on "How To Get the Most from Your Venison."­ Most of the stops are book dinners, like DRAKE's, where readers get a much more personal connection with the author and the opportunity to celebrate the book's printing around the table.

DRAKE is known locally for its comfortable environment and authenticity, and wild game and foraged food have been staples on their menu since day one. Chef John Gurnee hails from Shaw's hometown of Sacramento. Add that to their shared passion for preparing game and you can pretty much guarantee a good meal. Don't expect recipes direct from the book; it's more of a collaboration, where the chef will take Shaw's recipes and make them his own. Think of it as a professional version of the book's intent, with less cleanup for you.

Dinner will be presented in four courses with family-style salads and entrees. And of course, there will be optional wine and cocktail pairings. The menu will showcase fresh veggies from Radical Root Organic Farm, venison loin rubbed in beef fat (currently dry-aging in DRAKE's cooler), matsutake mushrooms, chanterelles, elk leg, venison tartare, grilled quail and marionberry cobbler. With each plate comes a signed copy of the book, and a unique experience. Through the course of the evening Hank will visit each table individually, allowing for more conversation time. If you're into hunting, fishing or foraging, or if you ever thought about learning more, make a reservation just for the sake of picking Hank's brain.

Dinner with Hank Shaw at DRAKE

Friday, Sept. 9

801 NW Wall St., Bend

Two seatings, 5:30 & 7:30

Call DRAKE for reservations, 541-306-3366


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