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Wild Rose: New Thai Restaurant in Downtown NOW OPEN



OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Wild Rose Thai is the newest addition to Bend's downtown dining options: A Northern-thai restaurant at 150 NW Oregon Ave., formerly Common Table.

Pad Mamuang with sticky jasmine rice $7
  • Pad Mamuang with sticky jasmine rice $7

The decor inside is brightly colored and busy with beautiful terracotta flatware and brightly colored chairs and table cloths, a big change from Common Table's simplistic interior design. The low exposed beam ceilings make Wild Rose feel like the best kind of hole-in-the-wall despite the large open floor plan.


Open for lunch and dinner, the menu is a long list of unrecognizable Northern Thai dishes along with curries, soups and chili pastes. Here's the explanation of Wild Rose's cuisine from their Facebook page:

Traditionally a very rural cuisine, Northern Thai food is an experience for all five senses. We never frown on using your hands as utensils—just don’t expect chopsticks here!

The most significant difference with Northern Thai fair is that nearly every meal is accompanied with 'khao niew', sticky Jasmine rice meant for eating with your hands. Best enjoyed when formed into small croquettes, the sticky rice is dipped in the fresh chili pastes and sauces that are most prominent in Chiang Mai and its surrounding areas. Fresh and crunchy vegetables are served with every sauce, dip, and paste.

Sorry folks, no Pad Thai here either!

Our menu is not divided into courses, but rather into separate categories that make up a complete traditional Northern Thai meal. Dishes are prepared for sharing, and we encourage mixing & matching menu items. A Northern Thai meal is a communal event - so have some fun while you’re our guest!

Chiang Mai is near and dear to our hearts, which means every dish crafted at the Wild Rose comes from a family recipe. So, Bend...welcome to our family! We’ll be servin’ up sticky rice here for a long while.

One thing we're excited about: REASONABLE PRICES. With lunch options between $5-8, and dinners mostly around the $10 mark or options like an entire game hen marinated and steamed in yellow curry broth for just $14.

Stackable lunch!
  • Stackable lunch!

Another great offering are these stackable lunch boxes! The daily special of rice, protein and soup are just $7. Take the box to go and bring it back for refills later.


Lunch was delicious and light on opening day. My Pad Mamuang was a veggie-heavy stir fry with garlic curry paste, overflowing with fresh mango chunks.

Hours are yet to be determined, but Wild Rose is open for lunch and dinner today.

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