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Wimp Way: Taking the easy way out in the Maston Allotment

There's some new riding to be had out at the Maston Allotment.



One of the joys mountain bike riding the trails at the Maston Allotment trails is that they can be enjoyed by riders of every ability. That’s right you don’t have to be a multi-logoed “sponsored” rider, owner of a dual suspension bike with 28-inches of front fork travel, or the next greatest Bend legend to enjoy the Maston.

That noted, many riders have found the rocky hill on the southwest portion of the loop trail to be a mandatory walk down. And rightfully so, as a fall on that section of trail could have serious consequences.

That’s no longer true as an easy pass-around trail has been created and is now being ridden. It’s a fun, non-technical section of trail perhaps 30 yards in length.


How to get on the new section of trails is easy. Riding the loop trail counterclockwise, just before you come to the crest of the rocky hill look for a cairn and a singletrack heading off to the left. Go left and follow that trail across flat terrain to the top of a low angled downhill that links back to the main trail.

Note that while this pass around has been created, the technical hill remains the same-gnarly. Also note, that while designed for counterclockwise travel, in time the new section of trail will be able to be ridden uphill by those who like to ride the Maston clockwise.

Either way, in honor of Central Oregon’s most famously named public road (Wimp Way), the new section of trail is hereby named Wimp Way II.

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