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Winter Work is Underway: Expect more good things next spring

Winter is upon us, but the singletrack trails are still open.



Although winter seems to be "officially here," as Bend's esteemed godfather of mountain biking Bob Woodward wrote last week, it doesn't mean the Central Oregon mountain biking opportunities have disappeared. All those suggestions are worthy. The enthusiasts can get our tires on dirt yearround; it just becomes a matter of clothing over weather. Make sure you head out well prepared, not only for cold, but for darkness as well. Keep in mind also as snow levels fluctuate and trails become snowed in, not only is the biking more difficult, but so is the emergency access. Please be careful out there!

Since COTA's main trail work activities are also slowing somewhat this time of year, there is a great opportunity to handle some of the planning and administrative duties that tend to accumulate during the summer season. One of these items is planning for expanded "skills areas." The new Wanoga "Infield" zone will be one such area, and we hope to complete this project next summer. If you have been up there lately, you'll notice a lot of work happening right now. We want to get a good foundation of dirt and rock installed to take advantage of the natural compaction that a solid snow pack can provide. That, and we have been cleared by the Forest Service to begin this "foundation" phase of the project. Detailed planning for various pump-track and "dual slalom" lines should be complete in the next couple of months. Stay tuned...

Here's a gentle reminder to exercise good trail etiquette at all times; yield the right-of-way to the uphill rider; control your speed to minimize skidding and going off trail, and always be friendly on shared trails. COTA leaders recently attended a Forest Service Volunteer Appreciation Party and a very encouraging comment was heard from a leader of one of the equestrian groups. He said he had reports that all the equestrian/mountain biker encounters were very positive. It seems the message is out: shared trails are best when trail users have a good attitude toward one another. Thanks for keeping the conflict off the trails! Please send trail-related questions, comments or concerns to Thanks!

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