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Little Bites: Women in Craft Distilling Increases with Freeland Spirits



Fewer than 1 percent of distilleries in the U.S. are owned by women, but Freeland Spirits is aiming to change that ratio with a new craft distillery in Portland. What does that have to do with Bend? Distiller Molly Troupe used to be the lead distiller at Oregon Spirit Distillers.

Now Troupe, with Jill Kuehler and Cory Carman, are creating grain-to-glass spirits. The company started an Indiegogo campaign to help get their distillery of the ground, reaching their $25,000 goal on their first day.

Now they have a stretch goal of $75,000 to buy a 500 gallon copper pot still from Germany. Right now they are using the still at Aria Gin so reaching this new goal will get them their own still by February.

There are multiple perks for supporting the campaign, including a bottle of gin or whiskey with a Freeland Spirits tasting and tour.

Freeland Spirits

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