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Wonder Women: Five women tell us how to dominate

Five women who are outstanding with what they do best.


Tara Reynvaan, Sport Climber

Age: 25

Day job: Social Media Coordinator at Ruff Wear

Hometown: Bend

Female Inspiration: Alizee Dufraisse. "She's totally fearless and definitely a proud climber."

Most radical moment in your sport: The most extreme thing that's ever happened to me is when I fell upside on a sport climb. On my way down I clipped a bolt, kinda funny but extreme all at the same time. I also pocket dialed my ex-husband. Pretty funny."

Zoe Ansary, Snowboarder

Age: 22

Day job: Snowboarding, kicking it

Hometown: Hillsboro

Female Inspiration: Ashley Thornton, Kelly Underwood (friends and sponsored boarders)

Most radical moment in your sport: [At Bachelor's Terrain Park], I landed funny and my shoulder came out of the socket and no one could get it back in. They had to take me down to the health space at Bachelor. There were no nurses that year, and I had to go to the hospital and then wait two years before I got it back in."

Rachael Scdoris, Cyclist

Age: 27

Day job: Sled Dog Tour Operator/Poop Removal Engineer

Hometown: Bend

Female Inspiration: Libby Riddles (first woman to win the Iditarod)

Most radical moment in your sport: "That's easy, missing first place by one-tenth of a second at the Nationals road race." (2011 U.S. Paralympic Road National Championships, tandem bike racing. Scdoris is legally blind).

Suzanne King, Nordic Skier/Olympian

Age: 47

Day job: Spanish and French teacher at High Desert Middle School

Hometown: Warren, Vt.

Female Inspiration: Grandmother, Lillian Gagnon. "Had she been an athlete she would have been pretty badass."

Most radical moment in your sport: "It would have to be the 30-kilometer classic Olympic event in Lillehammer, Norway, in 1994, where I placed dead last. It was gnarly. I was not in top health and had been exhausted from racing the months before. I was bib No. 1 in an interval start with 80 other fast women and I knew in the first few kilometers I'd just have to survive. And I survived. It was a pretty amazing spectacle to have all of those fans cheering. It was the epitome and rock bottom [of my skiing career] all rolled into one.

Jenah Smith, Boxer

Age: 29

Day job: Server, Jackson's Corner/Boxing coach

Hometown: Albia, Iowa

Female Inspiration: Dara Torres, Olympic swimmer

Most radical moment in your sport: "The 2010 Nationals and overcoming the fear of just getting in the ring. Mentally and physically that was the toughest moment to single out. I fought four days in a row and on the very last night when I fought for third place I got a standing eight count against me. I remember thinking that I needed to toughen' up or I was literally going to get knocked out in front of everybody there."

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