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Working-Class Tax Cut Stalemate

Governmental parties still refuse to agree.


Republicans never met a tax cut they didn't like, unless of course it comes at the expense of their corporate masters. To wit, view the most recent partisan showdown in Washington that has Senate leaders wrangling over a no-brainer payroll tax extension. It's an issue that all working Americans ought to be taking an interest in after Senate GOP leaders beat back Democrats' attempt to broaden and extend the popular program that expires on Dec. 31. Government accountants have estimated that failure to act will have the effect of raising taxes on the average family by roughly $1,000 next year. To offset the budget impacts, the Obama Administration is proposing to hike taxes on the wealthiest Americans (roughly two percent of all dollars in excess of $1 million in income.) That's too much for the one percent party to swallow. GOP leaders rejected a compromise offer on Monday from Dems, setting the stage for another partisan showdown. But honestly, who are these folks representing? Does anyone besides the GOP leadership really think that working families should be asked to further pad the pockets of America's gilded class? Wtf.

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