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Worst Wedding Toast EVER


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I just spent the weekend in Maine at a very elegant wedding. Every toast was well crafted and simultaneously heartfelt. Of course, though, we had to share our "worst toasts" stories.
My story about my friend's grandfather (drunkeningly) confess an affair usually wins, but this time it was blown out of the water.
Some Boston friends had attended a cruise ship wedding - which, yes, is as awfully claustraphobic as it sounds.
On the final night, the bride's uncle pulled out a drink recipe from his wallet and presented it to the bartender, who he asked and graciously paid for the round. The drink? The recipe that he carries in his wallet? "The Wet Pussy." Yes, you read that right. Kahlua, whole milk and whipped cream. Once everyone had one in hand, he gave a toast that his niece's, well, her puddy-cat, would never be dry.
Worst toast ever! (Epilogue: The marriage last less than a year.)
Expect much better at next weekend's Mixology, when Minnesota Avenue is closed down for cocktail tastings.
And, yes, we are still soliciting your drink recipes for free tickets to the event. Send them to me, "editor@bendsource.com"

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