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Year in Review: Peace Out 2016!

2017 Proceed with Caution



The year 2016 had its up and downs. Births and deaths. Wins and defeats. Here in Central Oregon we took on new issues affecting the community, as well as some old ones that just won't go away. As always, there are hundreds of people and great organizations working to make our town a better place. The world lost some major icons but even so, music, theatre and the arts flourished nationally and locally.

Wrapping up the Source Year in Review we are reminded of how proud we are to live in this community that is filled with such vibrant individuals. Thank you for reading the Source Weekly—we can't wait to see what 2017 brings!

Year in Review 2016

· Top Covers of 2016

· Online: Top Articles at in 2016

· Online: Favorite Viral Videos of 2016


· Feature: Extraordinary Women, Ancient Life in Oregon and More

· News: Headlines that Made You Say Hmmm


· Opinion: 2016 Editorials

· Opinion: Best Letters to the Editor of 2016


· Culture: The C.O. Artists of Note in 2016

· Take Me Home: Year in Review for Bend and National Housing

· Culture: Best Theatre in Central Oregon in 2016

· Smoke Signals: Top Cannabis Strains of 2016

· Culture: 2016's Best Books by Genre


· Screen: Underrated and Overrated Films of 2016

· Screen: Top 10 Movies of 2016


· Chow: The Best Food Carts the Source Sampled in 2016

· Micro: Best New Brews of 2016

· Chow: Bend's Notable New Restaurants of 2016


· Sound: Hardest Losses

· Sound: Top 10 Albums of 2016


· Outside: Best Outdoor Events of 2016

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