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You had to be there . .



No, seriously, you had to be there.
Normally, I record our Media Salons and then repost as podcasts. But here's the deal: My recorder memory was full. It recorded about three minutes and then sat silent.


So, really, if you weren't there, you missed out on a great event. We had a full room at Broken Top Bottle Shop and three engaging guests - who talked about how Bend could pump up its economy through recreation even more, about federal stumbling blocks towards those plans and about favorite bike movies (Breaking Away, duh!).

The Source has begun these unique events - bringing our newspaper to life every second Monday of the month by hosting an Oprah-style Q&A salon. We interview and talk with guest about topics we recently have covered. Last night was a great example why this matters: Not only did we shovel out a boxcar of information, but people stuck around afterwards, meet each other and talk even more about bikes, biking and the rec-economy in Bend.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Media Salon, Monday, July 8.

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