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Zombie Jesus Fest

Horror film fest brings the camp to Bend


  • Courtesy: AMZ Productions

If you're a fan of slashers, B-horror and, quite frankly, anything Troma has ever created—then this festival is for you.

It's the perfect film festival for avid horror film goers and creative types alike. The guidelines are simple—create a trailer for your horror film, any length will do. The trailers will be screened on April 1, Jesus' second (more undead) birthday, preceding a special screening of a never-before-seen black and white horror film from the 80s called "Rock 'n' Roll Med School."

"It is wild—it is a wild romp," says local filmmaker Jesse Locke. "It's going to be a world premiere."

Locke, owner of AMZ Productions in Bend, is the mastermind behind Zombie Jesus Fest, a film festival for horror fanatics and B-movie movie attics. It started four years ago when Locke made "Easter," a short horror film about a chick in a bunny suit running around killing unsuspecting teenagers. It seemed only natural to screen it on its namesake holiday.

"It was pretty hilarious and we had a lot of fun," says Locke. "Then the year after that we decided to put on a film festival of just horror films and my film Easter would end the night."

Locke says that the trailers are for films that will probably never be made—but the winner of the festival is asked to make their trailer into a short film to screen at the following year's Zombie Jesus Fest.

Locke's trailer, "Nightmare at Boobcamp" won last year. For an idea of what Zombie Jesus Fest has to offer, you can watch his trailer here (fair warning: contains nudity, for mature audiences). If that offends you, then this film festival probably isn't for you.

For something just as campy and a little more safe for work (with headphones on—lots of F-bombs), check out the second place winner of the 2016 festival, "Zombatron."

       (Warning: Strong Language)

It's not all B movies and horror flicks for Locke. He's also produced a handful of live, professional readings of some of his favorite films, including an all-female reading of Quentin Tarantino's cult classic, "Reservoir Dogs." The next one, Fight Club LIVE, is April 6 at 2nd Street Theater.

Locke also recently produced a documentary called "Radiance in the Resistance" with Jesse Roberts of Rise Up International that's currently screening internationally. The film tells the story of the young leaders of the Palestinian non-violent resistance of Israel's military occupation of Nabi Saleh.

Not what you'd expect from a guy who created "Nightmare at Boobcamp" and, coming soon to Zombie Jesus Fest this year, "Nightmare at Boobcamp 2: Boobs in Space."

“I love B movies, you know, schlocky grind house, it's like a passion of mine," says Locke. "So it's a weird world I live in right now. Am I going to be, like, a serious person? Or am I going to do Zombie Jesus Fest? It's interesting."

It's getting down to the wire, but there's still time to submit your horror film trailer to the festival by the end of the day today. Submit your entries to jthebody@hotmail.com by Friday, March 30.

Zombie Jesus Fest
7pm. Sunday, April 1
Tin Pan Theater
869 NW Tin Pan Ally, Bend
Tickets: $5/door

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