Punch Brothers Tonight!



Brand new EP from Punch Brothers
  • Brand new EP from Punch Brothers

Fresh off a European tour, Brooklyn bluegrass group Punch Brothers are set to take the stage at Bend's Tower Theatre tonight! And just to make you Bendites with tickets feel even a bit more special— they skipped Portland instead opting to come see us.

Our piece on Punch Brothers, including some insight from banjo player Noam Pilkelny, is on newsstands now and with that story is a QR code to link up to the band's Austin City Limits performance. We also mentioned their new EP Ahoy! as well and since we did, we think you should listen to it on Spotify. Check out the player below and and get ready to see one heck of an intimate show tonight!

Punch Brothers
7:30 p.m.
Tower Theatre

P.S. As of this posting, there was one $35 ticket left. We suggest buying it.

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